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Om Courier Services 20+ years!

Om Courier is dedicated to serving domestic as well as international clients with nonpareil solutions. We are in the business for more than 20 years. Om Courier helping the companies to expand their territory in the untapped market with reliable courier services. Our deep understanding of the logistic industry and the highly experienced team deliver the combined efforts to meet the customer demand. Innovative solutions are made available for the customers who are willing to ship the product in remote areas where no transportation facilities are available. Om Courier offering a one-stop solution to encourage the brand in global expansion. We are serving the global partner with our uninterrupted services. Om Courier is an authorized partner of popular brands DHL and Aramex.

We are focus on delivering a viable solution with cost-effective technology, speed, operation excellence, automation with the help of a hard-working team. We will help you to simplify the most challenging aspect of the logistics and delivery the product to the desire location with our state of art facilities. We cater to all kinds of industries and businesses to keep them moving in the changing business environment.

Our Services

International Service

International trade in India is growing at an unprecedented rate. The demand for Make in India products is rising every passing year. Om Courier is committed to serving the client dealing in international trade by offering cost-effective logistics services. We offer speedy delivery to any country, cities and also untapped regions in the global market.

Air Freight Services

We are specialized in offering excellent Air shipping services to all types of industries. Air transport is the fastest mode of transportation of goods. We ensure that your product reaches on time the desire destination. We work with reputable airlines, local delivery service providers, and an experience ground team.

Export Import Services

We have a footprint in the major countries allowing us to export and import the goods through transports services. Our services are tailor-made which enables the clients to export or import the goods at the lowest price possible. Our dedicated customer support team would be with you 24x7 to assist you during the transition period of your cargo.

Shipment Services

We offer the Sea shipping service to our customer to export the goods at a large quantity. The bulk consignments are shipped through the vessel in different parts of the world. Sea shipping is the only option to transport heavy and large containers of goods to various parts of the world.

Door To Door Serivces

We offer door-to-door couriers service to the customer in Pan India. The service is design to deliver the couriers through the fastest route using the modern transportation system. We ensure that the courier is handed over to the receiver with the guarantee. You will be able to track the status of the courier through an online platform.

Truck Service

Road transportation is one of the reliable shipping services for the delivery of heavy cargo. Our growing network of truck cargo services offers seamless service to our clients. We use modern technology to load and unload the goods, track the movement of the shipment, and work with a highly professional team of truck drivers and support teams.

Shipping Services

We offer a wide range of cargo delivery services to the client. Our customize shipping services are design to facilitate small-size businesses to deliver the small consignment at an affordable price. We can designate the resources according to your need and get your cargo delivered to the desire location in time. We offer Road transport, sea, and air shipping services.

Dangerous Goods

We undertake the delivery of the hazardous goods cargo service. Deliver your cargo with the highest safety to the desire location in pan India. Each container is managed by an experienced team of engineers, logistics experts, and truck drivers trained in handling dangerous goods. Choose your pickup and delivery time, and the rest will be taken care of by our team.

Perishable Goods

The perishable goods require the fastest delivery service to transport the goods from point A to Point B. We use the quickest routine to deliver perishable goods. Our cargo service is equipped with modern technology that keeps the good in the Good condition during transportation. The weather control devices and air conditioning container would protect the goods from environmental damage.